Meet Karakoram

Karakoram is comprised of some of the most seasoned Special Operations professionals in the country, distinguished veterans from elite organizations that led the fight on the front lines of the Global War on Terror.

Today, we’re one team, and our mission is to pass on those lessons we learned the hard way, to put our unmatched skills in complex problem solving, leadership and team building in the Special Operations arena to work for businesses and business leaders across the country and across the globe.

The use of terror tactics is on the rise. Yet most security experts are armed with only an armful of linear checklists and status-quo tactics aimed at yesterday’s threats.

Enter Karakoram. We fuse cutting-edge design thinking with proven strategy and leadership development practices to treat risk and drive innovation—and bottom line performance—in the global security arena.  Our clients are those businesses and business leaders who are anything but content. Their desire to create and capture value in their given industry is matched only by their concern for the well-being and safety of their employees and customers.  And the innovative security solutions we design and implement with them—and the strong cultures we help our clients develop—have at their core this concept in mind: the customer’s needs matter most.

The world we live in will only grow in uncertainty. But we don’t shy from that uncertainty or the complexity it engenders—we embrace it. We are as analytical as we are intuitive and integrative. And we don’t simply protect people, property and operations. We make today safe for tomorrow.

Performance. Security. Leadership. By Design.


Global Security Service Design

Karakoram’s global capabilities, along with our domestic and international partners, represent one of the most trusted and capable solutions to today’s dynamic global security situation. The ability to assess a given environment from a position leveraged by years of special operations experience and hundreds of successful operations sets Karakoram apart from other organizations. Our results-driven capability provides our clients with the highest level of real-time situational awareness and risk treatment options, keeping business assets, operations and people safe and secure.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Our energy infrastructure has never been more interconnected and efficient. And it’s never been more vulnerable to a complex attack. We’ve seen firsthand how devastating such attacks can be, particularly attacks against a country’s energy infrastructure. But it doesn’t stop there: From the financial sector to transportation, communications, municipal and emergency services, police and fire departments, even our national treasures—all of these sectors are targetable. And our enemies know it. But just because our infrastructure is targetable, doesn’t mean it has to vulnerable. This is a key distinction to make.

Our team has extensive experience not only attacking such critical nodes to assess vulnerabilities, but also protecting and fortifying these sectors, building resiliency into them and preventing them from becoming high-value targets to those who would seek to harm or threaten the way we do business and our way of life.

Let us help you design, plan, implement and lead the turnaround in your sector.

Enterprise Risk Management

Executed properly, RM drives value in your organization. The ERM framework is built on a strong, supportive culture, and reveals itself through strong communications practices and disciplined decision making, where long-term risk-adjusted value is maximized.

Karakoram’s collective experience and team-building expertise lays the foundation that enables our organization to identify the full spectrum of risk that an enterprise faces. By assessing and analyzing these risks, by war-gaming them, we provide your organization with the information necessary to weigh the merits of a particular course of action and create a culture of ownership from top to bottom.

In the special operations arena, strong RM processes save lives. In today’s dynamic and uncertain global economy, they save livelihoods.

Risk Leadership

This is at the heart of everything we do. Design thinking drives innovation while minimizing the risks of failure. It’s a powerful methodology, but it’s incomplete without the complement of Strategy.

Strategic Thinking at it’s height isn’t about analyzing and predicting which strategies (or plans, policies) will succeed; it’s about understanding where even the most detailed, well thought-out strategies will fail, and then designing treatments that bridge those gaps. And leadership is the glue that holds it all together.

At KG it’s not about having fancy core values; it’s about the behaviors we exhibit on a daily basis that keep us at the top of our game as leaders and drive performance.  We can teach your employees—through our Strong Leader Workshops—the behaviors and practices they need to perform at optimum levels. At KG, Risk Leadership is Human Performance.

how we work

The Karakoram Group approaches each project the same way we approached a no-fail mission. And because each situation is different, even if only slightly, there are no templates we apply to arrive at a solution. We don’t generalize and we don’t scale what we do. We come at the problem from all angles; we give individualized attention; and we provide custom solutions. No-fail missions require a no-fail mentality.

Our process blends critical decision making with design and integrative thinking, all wrapped in the creative process, and aimed at achieving the most efficacious, holistic solutions in the global security market.

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